I will write some day

Hi friends. I am not a very enthusiastic writer and this being my very first write-up on internet please bear with the mistakes (I hail from the A2 batch @ IIIT so errors can be excused ).

Linus Torovalds once said that electronic form of communication is way better than spoken one because when writing you have to take care that the reader is not bored and you convey your thoughts as explicitly and clearly as possible. So you save your time as well as the readers. Unfortunately , as of now I am young so unconventionally I like to stand on a stage  and use my vocal skills to persuade people into my views  rather than write on a web page and let it float around. As of now  I have this mindset, but still giving myself space for future change of thoughts I have made this blog so that if in future I feel inclined towards writing I may have a place ,by my name of course, to express myself in words.

But still I think good bloggers use the blogs to spread their words to the people they cant reach to. But to their neighbours they SPEAK OUT. I feel only a good speaker can be a good blogger and blogs should be used only when you have to reach out to a big group of people , not to spread a word within your friends or batchmates.

Anyways its already 5 in the morning and I have nothing more to say … C ya some day



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