Some Adult Pic Jokes

I was browsing through the pictures stored on my laptop and got hold of some of these interesting and hilarious adult pic jokes. I don’t mean any offence to the reader/viewers, I just happen to find them funny enough to share. Besides, I don’t think I have any female visitors, so it’s safe too :P.

I would strongly encourage you guys to also read the names of the image files they make the pics even more hilarious 😛

If there happen to be any American/New Yorker passing by, would you please tell me why is this pic hilarious. I just couldn’t get the punch of it 😦

Let me know if this was annoying or funny 🙂


About Avi Dullu
Jaako rakhe saiyan, maar sake na koi!

3 Responses to Some Adult Pic Jokes

  1. CyberS1ren says:

    look up for what Ho means 😛

  2. Avi Dullu says:

    hohoo !! 😛
    got it now 😀

  3. abebaw says:

    ,gn gl

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