Never thought people (me for that matter) change so quickly. Not long ago I posted here about how I don’t enjoy computers much but just barely make up with them. Yesterday I had to travel to my parents and I was shocked at how badly I was bored when I was not coding. I had to stop listening to music and open a terminal and start coding. I guess when one does something everyday, it becomes difficult to hate it (arranged marriages? :P). Wanted to start on a task which I could complete so wrote the complete code for reversing all the words in a given string (ya ya … I know .. I know its too easy :D).
Re-wrote all the library functions, have to confirm their behaviour though :P. Do let me know if there are any obvious/major bugs.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define _DEBUG_HAULT_ scanf("%*d");
#define STR_TERM '\0'
#define MAX_INPUT_LENGTH 1000
#define DELIMITERS " ,.':;"

int my_strlen(const char* str) {
  register int len = -1;
  for (;*(str + ++len););
  return len;

char* my_strchr(const char* s, int ch) {
  if (NULL == s) return NULL;
  for (; STR_TERM != *s && *s != ch; ++s);
  return STR_TERM == *s ? NULL : (char *)s;

char* my_strrev(const char* str, register int l) {
  register int i = -1;
  char *retVal = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char) * l);
  retVal[0] = retVal[l] = STR_TERM;
  for (; l; retVal[++i] = str[--l]);
  return retVal;

char* my_strtok(char *buf, const char* delim) {
  static char* record;
  record = (buf == NULL) ? record : buf;
  if (*record == STR_TERM || NULL == record) return NULL;
  char* temp = record;
  while ((STR_TERM != *record) && (NULL == my_strchr(delim, *record))) {
  if (STR_TERM == *record) return temp;
  while ((STR_TERM != *record) && (NULL != my_strchr(delim, *record))) {
    *record = STR_TERM;
  return temp;

// Removes all the punctuations (marked in constant DELIMITERS) and inserts
// only 1 space between words.
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  char input[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH], output[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
  input[0] = output[0] = STR_TERM;
  scanf("%[^\n]", input);
  register int len = 0, temp = 0;
  register char* ptr = NULL;
  for (ptr = my_strtok(input, DELIMITERS);
       ptr = my_strtok(NULL, DELIMITERS)) {
    temp = my_strlen(ptr);
    sprintf(output + len, "%s ", my_strrev(ptr, temp));
    len += (temp + 1);
  output[len - 1] = STR_TERM;
  printf("%s\n", output);
  printf("%s\n", my_strrev(output, my_strlen(output)));
  return 0;

After I was done, I found out about strsep 😛


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2 Responses to Change

  1. Animesh says:

    I wanted to know why have you used ‘register’ for len & i …. in this program …..

    • Avi Dullu says:

      Show off actually 😀

      But since they are looping/frequently used variables so put them as register. Though that doesn’t force anything, just to demonstrate a concept. 🙂

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