Interview Problems 25

1. Given a set of KEY->VALUE pairs such that each KEY is unique, describe a method of storing these pairs on disk, and a method for accessing the corresponding VALUE given a KEY. Assume that RAM is fixed at 1gb and the set of pairs requires 40gb.

2. Consider there is an array with duplicates and you are given two numbers as input and you have to return the minimum distance between the two in the array with minimum complexity.

3. You are given an array of integers, say array1 of size n. You have to create another array (say array2) and fill its contents by following this rule: array2[i] will hold the value of the left-most integer from the range array1[i+1] to array1[n-1] such that it is greater than array1[i]. If no such element exists, assign -1.

4. An external system has an array. You are given 3 inbuilt functions which perform their operation in O(1) time.
a) get(i): returns ith element of array
b) length(): returns length of array
c) reverse(i, j): reverses elements of subarray starting from i and ending with j (both inclusive)

Write function SortArray() using these three functions.

5. Given a binary tree, find 2 leaf nodes say X and Y such that F(X,Y) is maximum where F(X,Y) = sum of nodes in the path from root to X + sum of nodes in the path from root to Y – sum of nodes in the common path from root to first common ancestor of the Nodes X and Y.

6. Given an array, A, find if all elements in the sorted version of A are consecutive in less than O(nlogn).
eg: A: 5 4 1 2 3 on sorting 1 2 3 4 5 all elements are consecutive — true
A: 1 9 2 22 on sorting 1 2 9 22 all elements are NOT consecutive — false

7. Given a string (assume there no spaces or punctuations), write a code that returns the max. length of the string that has repeated more than once.


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