Gmail Attachments to GDrive Sync

Gmail Attachments to GDrive Sync is a simple Google Apps Script which syncs and copies all your past and forthcoming Gmail attachments in your GDrive, automatically. Easy way to gather all the pictures, documents, writeups, songs/audio, short video clips that you have ever received on GMail, in just one place.

The script runs in the background and keeps syncing every 5-10 minutes, which means as soon as you get a new email with an attachment, it should e in your GDrive pretty quickly. At install time you can choose how many years of email attachments should the script copy, if you are syncing all of your inbox, the script may take multiple days (depending on the number of attachments) to complete because Google restricts the CPU processing and number of files GDrive can create from scripts (No more than 250 files can be created through a script on Google Drive :(). So just bear with it, you will be up-to-date soon!

This is the link to install the script and this is the Chrome Web Store install link.

This is the link to the code in Google App Script. For the curious, no user information (not even your email address!) is stored in the script. I only keep a count of the number of people who have installed the script.

Feedbacks are very welcome!

PS: This is the github repository link.

PPS: Do share the link if you like it and provide feedback on the Chrome Web Store! 🙂


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